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Results: How You Get Up to 397% Better Visitor to Lead Conversion than Other Social Networks Starting This Month Using Social Selling on LinkedIn - And It's All Done For You


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Here Are Some Realities Already Achieved by Clients Using This Service...

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John Fish, who went from only 5 distributors with his medical product company to over 70 in Just 90 Days.

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Mark Harris said: Your services did amazing things for us and helped build relationships that converted into over $100,00 in Revenue from Mastermind Events

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Isaac Navias, who went from being practically broke to his first $10K month

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Jessie Weischedel was able to connect with businesses in need of graphic design services, and bring them on as paying clients

3-Steps to Non-Stop, B2B Leads for Social Selling

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Get Started with Your Free LinkedIn Leads Starter Kit...

  • FREE VIDEO The secret to begin predictably attracting eager leads and clients today from LinkedIn
  • FREE CLIENT CONVERSION CASE STUDIES See the results of real users of our lead and sales generating strategy.
  • FREE STRATEGIC ROAD MAP Get a complete road map of the full process (with video) to implement our plan.

About Your Done for You LinkedIn Business Leads...

Imagine waking up every working day with 5, 10, even as many as 20 new messages from qualified business leads. Would that start your day with a huge ray of sunshine?

Our proven strategies, all done for you, deliver that reality using LinkedIn business leads.

You get reliable, high quality leads without worry and done for you. You'll save time and money getting sales and will be very happy you're now able to grow other parts of your business or expand your brand.

Your only task is to close the sale. Would this save you time while making you huge profits?

Problems Solved with Done for You Business Leads...

You and your company will look more professional, win more business and convert more connections to sales...

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You Get the Highest Quality Leads in a Highly Profitable Way

Our proven strategy of connecting, engaging and nurturing so you can close makes the cost of getting quality eager buyers the best money ever invested.

Delivers You Time to Grow

We have saved executives and owners from 10 to 20 hours per week in time on the phone talking to useless leads. Your time closing will be cut, while increasing your closing rate.

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End Time Consuming Tasks of Social Selling with Social Media Marketing

No longer worry about not having time to do social media marketing. We market for you in the proven right place.

You're correct that even on LinkedIn it takes time to connect, engage, and nurture new leads. We do all that for you so all you need to do is close the sale.

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We Deliver You a Highly Professional Presence Online

You get a custom, highly professional presence online that normally consumes hours or even days to build. We end the languishing, and make you shine.

You'll get found in searches more often, and recognized as the amazing professional you are. New connections will know they landed in the right place to do business with you and your company.

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Frequently Asked Question Answered Here...
What is LinkeIn Lead Generation?
LinkedIn lead generation is the process of legitimately connecting with real decision makers who would benefit from your connection, then engaging them professionally, and ultimately nurturing the connections to demonstrate your benefit to them so they want to be your client or customer.
How do I get sales leads from LinkedIn?
Your ideal contacts will be determined from your desires for business leads in specific industries, locations and other search criteria. LinkedIn search is then used to identify the appropriate people. Connection requests are sent and engaged with. Further nurturing is done via direct messaging and email to get a response in LinkedIn, by phone, on your calendar, or by email.
How do I export the leads from LinkedIn?
LinkedIn allows exporting of emails of your 1st level contacts. Through automation, you will gain the lead data of all your contacts and those of your 2nd level, too. Our process uses the permitted API accesses within the specific limits provided by LinkedIn. Your leads are gained and downloaded to you in accordance with LinkedIn policies for automation connections.
Why is LinkedIn good for B2B leads?
LinkedIn is the world leader in building business relationships. No other online network comes close. It works so well because the network allows you to build relationships, establish yourself through thought leadership, generate leads through engagement and nurturing, gain insights, conduct market research, improve your business reputation, and build online communities. No other online network enables all of this as well as LinkedIn.
Do you guarantee sales from the LinkedIn business leads you generate for me?
We guarantee to get leads from the exact target audience you desire. We do the connecting, engaging and nurturing to get these decision makers to contact you by direct message in LinkedIn, email, phone calls, or online scheduling. We are not part of your sales team or closing processes. Thus it is your responsibility to close the sales. We do not guarantee the sale because we aren't involved in the closing process.
How do I get leads done for me that are in my LinkedIn Profile - do you need access to my profile?
Your LinkedIn profile is connected with new, highly targeted connections. To do this, we must have access to your profile. Without access, there is no means for connecting the decision-makers you seek. There is also no way to follow up with them. We guarantee no one will access your profile as a result of our access.
Is there a setup fee or hidden costs?
Setup is included with your package. There are no unlisted fees paid to us. You will need Premium access with Sales Navigator for best results.
What's the client commitment (1 yr, 6 mo, any)?
There is no long-term commitment. We work month to month and you can cancel at any time.
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