"Done for You" LinkedIn Business Leads Program

How Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Program Delivers

Your program for LinkedIn Leads is one that keeps you worry-free about where your next leads, appointments, and sales come from. We do it all for you, and we make your profile look like the authority leader you are.

Just imagine your day beginning with 5, 10 or more new leads contacting you each week for your services. We do it all for you. Would that make more time for you to focus on your growth?

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Relax and prepare for getting the most from your LinkedIn leads as we connect, engage, and nurture your leads to contact you. It's truly all done for you.

The Full Scope of Your LinkedIn Business Lead Generation Service...

Why just LinkedIn for business to business lead generation?

It's simple. Because, after years of experience with many lead sources, LinkedIn has proven to be the best. There is no other source that delivers B2B leads so willing to contact you.

Combine that with a process that since 2012 has reliably got scheduled over 1 Million appointments, and we don't need to use any other source to deliver to you results on your appointment calendar.

Important: To Make this Program Highly Effective You WILL NEED to Activate LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Number 1

Authority Profile Makeover Free ($1,000 value)

Would you agree you must have great landing page online for visitors to take action?

On LinkedIn, your profile is your landing page. It must be great for decision-makers to want to engage with you. That's why our first step is your profile make-over to ensure you look as great as you are.

You get the added benefit of your profile being found more often in searches for the exact things you want it found for.

Number 2

Pinpointing Your Perfect Target Prospects

On LinkedIn, your perfect prospect is looking for you.

Together, we determine who that is, and target the decision-makers in that ideal market.

Example: If you sell IT security to financial companies, then we target CEOs, Owners, and decision-makers at financial firms.

Number 3

Authority Boost

Next, we give you instant visual authority.

On LinkedIn, you're not a real connector until your profile shows "500+" connections.

We'll get you there fast with our "Authority Boost."

Number 3

Connecting with Decision-Makers

For you to grow, we reach out to 1,000 to 2,000 of your perfect leads every month (or 50 to 100 per day), depending on your package.

Our proven connection messages get you "accepted" more often so we can take the next step. Our goal is to hit a 30% connection rate. It's a lofty goal, and we can't guarantee that level, but we do it often.

Connecting is only the beginning...

Number 3

Engaging Decision-Makers

The process continues as we follow up with each connection made.

This proven reply is designed to get a conversation started.

The common results is you get 3 to 7 warm to hot leads each week scheduling appointments with you.

Number 3

Nurturing Decision-Makers

We don't stop at the one follow up. You know (and so do we) that more contact means more opportunities for a profitable relationship.

Our nurturing messages continue the conversation, and, depending on your package, can even move to email.

This is not done in an annoying fashion. It's done in a way that is welcomed and boosts results.

Number 3

Tracking Your Leads and Connections

Our proven process creates records we download and provide to you.

You need to know who your reaching, and all the details.

This provided to you in monthly reports.

Frequently Asked Question Answered Here...
What is LinkeIn Lead Generation?
LinkedIn lead generation is the process of legitimately connecting with real decision makers who would benefit from your connection, then engaging them professionally, and ultimately nurturing the connections to demonstrate your benefit to them so they want to be your client or customer.
How do I get sales leads from LinkedIn?
Your ideal contacts will be determined from your desires for business leads in specific industries, locations and other search criteria. LinkedIn search is then used to identify the appropriate people. Connection requests are sent and engaged with. Further nurturing is done via direct messaging and email to get a response in LinkedIn, by phone, on your calendar, or by email.
How do I export the leads from LinkedIn?
LinkedIn allows exporting of emails of your 1st level contacts. Through automation, you will gain the lead data of all your contacts and those of your 2nd level, too. Our process uses the permitted API accesses within the specific limits provided by LinkedIn. Your leads are gained and downloaded to you in accordance with LinkedIn policies for automation connections.
Why is LinkedIn good for B2B leads?
LinkedIn is the world leader in building business relationships. No other online network comes close. It works so well because the network allows you to build relationships, establish yourself through thought leadership, generate leads through engagement and nurturing, gain insights, conduct market research, improve your business reputation, and build online communities. No other online network enables all of this as well as LinkedIn.
Do you guarantee sales from the LinkedIn business leads you generate for me?
We guarantee to get leads from the exact target audience you desire. We do the connecting, engaging and nurturing to get these decision makers to contact you by direct message in LinkedIn, email, phone calls, or online scheduling. We are not part of your sales team or closing processes. Thus it is your responsibility to close the sales. We do not guarantee the sale because we aren't involved in the closing process.
How do I get leads done for me that are in my LinkedIn Profile - do you need access to my profile?
Your LinkedIn profile is connected with new, highly targeted connections. To do this, we must have access to your profile. Without access, there is no means for connecting the decision-makers you seek. There is also no way to follow up with them. We guarantee no one will access your profile as a result of our access.
Is there a setup fee or hidden costs?
Setup is included with your package. There are no unlisted fees paid to us. You will need Premium access with Sales Navigator for best results.
What's the client commitment (1 yr, 6 mo, any)?
There is no long-term commitment. We work month to month and you can cancel at any time.
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